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Eco-Smart Living 

Live sustainably, just the way you like it!

Eco-Smart Living

Live sustainably, just the way you like it!

Corfield Green won’t be just your home, but the home of your loved ones and many generations to come.

That’s why at Corfield Green, we work towards building a sustainable future and incorporating sustainability wherever possible to protect our precious environment and your home.

Corfield Green is located in the City of Gosnells, known as the leader of sustainability practices. The City is innovative in reducing carbon footprint, improving water efficiency for parks and caring for the environment. Together with the City’s efforts, we’re certain that you’ll live sustainably while reducing your carbon footprint at Corfield Green.

All homes in Corfield Green are encouraged to include solar house designs, smart home systems and solar panels, maximising the benefits of eco-smart living and improving quality of life.

Passive Solar House Design 


Our promise to you is fine quality homes that stand the test of time. Rest assured that our handpicked builders share the same commitment as us.

Each and every house is unique. Our builders position windows and living areas strategically for the best natural lighting and cooling breeze. They also incorporate Australian native planting in the landscaping to infuse your home with nature. These features enhance the wellbeing of the entire family.

Interested? Download our floor plan for more details!

Smart Home System


Convenience is controlling your whole house’s appliances with your phone anywhere, anytime.

The smart home systems have temperature sensors and motion sensors designed to adjust airflow to maintain temperatures at optimal levels. While reducing energy usage and enhancing energy efficiency, feel comfortable at every corner of your home.

Solar Panels


With rising costs for natural gas, coal and other resources, more homeowners are looking for energy-efficient homes.

Rooftop solar panels generates electricity from sunlight. This protects you from the risk of increasing prices of resources and cuts the price of utility bills.

You could even sell back your excess solar power generated from the solar panels, earning back some extra cash you could use for a nice dinner out. Over the long run, these savings build up and eventually offset the initial setup costs.

Gosnells Community




House and Land 


Move-In Ready Homes


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If you want to find out what’s so unique about eco-smart living at Corfield Green – get in touch with us! Our friendly team will get back to you shortly!

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