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The Key to Unlock Affordable Homes


The Key to Unlock Affordable Homes

Keystart has helped over 100,000 people get into their own homes since 1989. With Keystart, you may even move into your home sooner!

What’s Keystart?

Keystart is a transitional lender which is an initiative started by the Western Australia’s government. It offers loans to lower the entry costs so that owning a home can be affordable for all. 

How Can You Benefit?

  • Low deposit amounts
  • No lender’s mortgage insurance
  • No monthly account keeping fees

Keystart is definitely an initiative you should consider to increase your borrowing capacity. You may attain your new home even faster than expected!  

So what are you waiting for? Contact us to get your new home underway!

For more information about Keystart, visit https://www.keystart.com.au/

Need further assistance? Ask us at (04) 6665 5263 or Chat with us now!

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